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Our Vision and Mission
Vision: All Students College and Career Ready!

Mission: The mission of Chambers County Career Technical Center is to motivate and prepare students to enter (1) a post-secondary school academically prepared or (2) the workforce with an industry recognized credential, so as to become productive citizens through academic and technical learning.

Goals Leading to Success

Ensure that all students are better prepared for college and career.
Strive to make CTE an integral and vital part of a well-rounded and student-centered education in Chambers County.
Prepare students to master the necessary technical, academic, employability, decision-making, and interpersonal skills to transition to meaningful post-secondary education and employment.
Partner with business, industry, labor, post-secondary education, and the community to provide classroom and work-based learning opportunities that prepare students for success.


8 months ago

Name Position Email address Phone
Ken Sealy Principal Ext. 12101
Laura Heath Secretary/Bookkeeper Ext. 12100
Tammy Hughley Counselor Ext. 12104
Name Subject Email address Phone
Christy Brock-Johnson Teacher Education  
Joshua Bryant Ag Construction Ext. 12114 
Eric Creel-Flores Virtual School Ext. 12220
Ruth Dutch SPED Services  
J. B. Harris Horticultural  
Wendy Johnson Information Technology/Business Ext. 12107
Debra Peters Cosmetology Ext. 12112
Daniel Smith Industrial Systems / Precision Machining Ext. 12116
Seth Stehouwer Pre-Engineering / Construction Ext. 12115
Linda Thomas Business/Finance Ext. 12113
Jennifer Williams Health Science Ext. 12119
James Winkles Automotive Technology Ext. 12118