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Lafayette, Al
Health Science
Hello parents and students! Just a word about my Health Science class. This class offers students the opportunity to learn the basic health care skills. A combination of instruction, labs, and actual clinical experiences offer your teen a real world view of health care and the many careers that are available.
I ask that you check this website often and go to your teens class to find out the latest. Looking forward to a great year in Health Science!
Health Occupations students of America
  • For Your Information
    Students will be holding a candle fundraiser in September. The funds are for HOSA. Please support out class. Thanks,
  • Clinicals
    We will be starting clinical after Christmas.Here is a list that your child must have before attending. Tuberculin Skin test with results brought to me, Flu Shot with proof brought to me. These results are required by EAMC-Lanier before we are allowed to use their facilities. Liability insurance, $16.00 paid to me. This covers any malpractice while at clinical and proof of health insurance ( I need a copy of card.) These are AL state requirements. CPR card $3.00. Also, the HOSA fee is $16.00 to be paid by end of September. HOSA is our class organization and each student should be an active member.