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Industrial Systems

Part of the mission of Chambers County Career Technical Center is to motivate students to be excited to learn new subjects, try new things, embrace thinking that is outside out the box, and ask “what if?”  In order plant that seed at an early age, Chambers County Career Technical Center hosts an annual special visitation day for fourth grade students from Chambers County schools to tour the classrooms and labs. This allows students to get a firsthand look at the courses taught and the equipment used by students to learn the hands on skills required in each course.



Most of the students at the Career Technical Center are juniors and seniors that have elected to study in areas such as medical, automotive, construction, engineering, business, teacher education, cosmetology, and manufacturing. The students in the Industrial Systems & Precision Machining class thought it would be a good idea to give the fourth grade classes a little something to remember their visit to the classroom and lab. The juniors and seniors decided to design and manufacture a key chain for each of the visiting fourth graders. The key chain would have the initials of the visiting school machined into the key chain. The students then used the computers, software technology, and computer numerical controlled machines available in the Industrial Systems lab to manufacture over 300 key chains for the visiting fourth graders. Small groups of fourth grade students were given a tour of the Industrial Systems lab and received a key chain as they exited the lab.


 Below is a photograph of the key chains manufactured by the Industrial Systems students. Each key chain has the students’ school initials on one side and the Career Technical Center initials on the other side along with  2014, the year the student visited CTC as a fourth grader. The Industrial Systems students accomplished the entire task of manufacturing the over 300 key chains in just 12 days, showing their commitment to accomplishing a goal, following through on that commitment, and working together  as a team to accomplish that goal.




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